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First Annual Fall Food Drive, Costume Contest, Chili Cook-Off, and Kickball Tournament

On October 30, 2015, Creek Run held its First Annual Fall Food Drive, Costume Contest, Chili Cook-Off, and Kick Ball Tournament; a way to give to the community while getting mentally refreshed before the upcoming winter months.  Employees were strongly encouraged to dress for Halloween.  Each person was given the “opportunity” to tell everyone about their costume choice, including the character’s back story.  Jason Lenz, with the help of crowd applause, chose the three best costumes; the Elves of the ELF group, Alan Garner from The Hangover, and Darla from Finding Nemo.

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Then six brave volunteers were sequestered from the rest of the company in order to judge the chili cook-off.  There were 15 entries including non-traditional white chicken chili, taco chili, traditional ultra-spicy beef chili, and everything in between.  Special side awards were given for the most original (Holly Badin’s Tropic Thunder – a peach mango salsa chicken chili) and the spiciest (Jeremiah Catron’s The Next Day Regret – a traditional chili with 12 different types of peppers).  The top three finishers for the best overall chili were:

1st –      The Next Day Regret – Jeremiah Catron

2nd –     G. Washington Wishbone’s Wild West Chili – Dennis Livingston

3rd –     Not Your Momma’s Chili – Jeremy Wells

Winners each received a wooden spoon trophy and an embroidered apron for their efforts.  Once the judging was complete, Creek Run staff and family members enjoyed a pitch-in lunch with the chili entries as the main course.







The final event of the day was the kickball tournament.  Six senior staff members of Creek Run were selected as captains.  Teams of 6 to 7 players were then chosen playground style (Cole Lenz had the honor of being picked last) for the single elimination tournament.  While the competition was tough, the team captained by Adam Lenz was crowned the champions.

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One of the main goals of the day was to collect food items for the local pantry.  Each Creek Run employee brought canned food and/or toiletry items as an entry fee for the kickball tournament.  While it was difficult to get an exact count from the piles that filled an office, an estimated 350 items were collected and donated to the Community and Family Services Montpelier Pantry.  We hope to collect even more next year.