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Subsurface Investigations and Plume Delineation

Site InvestigationCreek Run has performed hundreds of subsurface investigations to determine the absence or presence of contamination and to define the nature and extent of contaminant plumes in soil and groundwater.  A subsurface investigation is usually needed during property transactions or required by state regulatory agencies after the presence of impacted materials has been confirmed.  A successful subsurface investigation and plume delineation depends on a thorough understanding of applicable regulatory requirements, soil conditions that influence contaminant migration, and client objectives.

The extent of impacted soil is delineated by collecting soil samples for field screening and potential laboratory analysis using a Geoprobe direct push system.  The extent of impacted groundwater can be delineated by collecting samples from temporary wells placed in borings.  If off-site sampling is required to accomplish project objectives, Creek Run can prepare the necessary documents and secure written access approval to adjacent properties.

Field sampling activities are conducted under the direct supervision of experienced, OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER-trained Creek Run personnel.  Soil and groundwater samples are processed by the Creek Run professional in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements.  Strict chain-of-custody and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) procedures are followed to guarantee sample integrity.  Creek Run utilizes a select group of National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) certified laboratories to ensure reliable analytical results and cost effectiveness.

If required by state or federal guidelines, Creek Run can design a groundwater monitoring network and supervise installation of monitoring wells to characterize groundwater flow and contaminant conditions.  Typically, groundwater samples collected from temporary wells during initial investigation activities are evaluated to optimize the locations of semi-permanent monitoring wells in order to define the extent of impacted groundwater using the minimum number of wells.  Based on a detailed scope of work, Creek Run will prepare detailed specifications and solicit quotes from qualified, OSHA 40-hour HAZWOPER-trained drilling subcontractors.  As always, experienced Creek Run personnel supervise all phases of monitoring well installation and development.

At the conclusion of sampling and analysis activities, Creek Run will prepare a complete, concise report documenting all phases of the investigation.  Creek Run has prepared Limited Subsurface Investigation, Initial Site Characterization (ISC), Further Site Investigation (FSI), Initial Investigation Report (IIR), Phase II Investigation Work Plan, and Phase II Investigation reports for various regulatory programs.