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Site Mapping and Drafting Services

Site Mapping and DraftingThe Creek Run drafting department can provide mapping and drafting services to lenders, developers, consultants, and others who require clear, accurate, and user-friendly site maps.  These services are provided under the direction of our Chief Draftsman, Randy Newton who has over 30 years of experience in the drafting and engineering fields.

All drawings are created using AutoCAD LT software.  Drawings can be produced at the desired scale on 8 ½” x 11”, 11” x 17”, 18” x 24”, or 24” x 36” paper.  Creek Run can use your standard border drawing and symbols, if available, or create them for you.  Drawings and other information can be quickly transmitted electronically or delivered next day via Federal Express or UPS.

Examples of mapping and drafting services Creek Run can provide include:

Site MappingDocuments are generated by an on-site visit to visually observe and field measure/photograph the subject property.  If available, aerial photography, architectural/survey plans, legal description, etc., will be used to refine the site map.  While not a legal survey document, site maps produced by Creek Run are highly accurate representations of the physical layout of the properties drawn with the degree of detail required to meet client needs.

EnvironmentalDocuments unique to environmental consulting are created by working directly with clients/project managers/field technicians to present information obtained from environmental investigation and remediation activities.  Environmental drawings produced by Creek Run include: groundwater flow maps; soil and groundwater analytical summary maps; soil boring logs; well construction diagrams; and geological cross-sections.

System Design/MechanicalDesign drawings presenting concise remedial and construction information are created by working closely with clients and project managers.  Design drawings prepared by Creek Run include: conceptual design layouts; mechanical and plumbing details; building and trailer layouts; and completed as-built diagrams.