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Excavation and Off-Site Disposal

Creek Run has prepared many excavation and off-site disposal plans and implemented this type of remediation throughout Indiana and Ohio.  Excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soil is the most rapid approach for removing contaminant mass, preventing transfer of contaminants to liquid and gaseous phases with subsequent migration into off-site areas, and achieving soil cleanup goals.  Excavation/disposal of impacted soil and adsorbed petroleum molecules is a highly effective method of contaminant removal.  Excavation/disposal is particularly effective for relatively shallow, low permeability, clay-rich soils that are difficult to remediate by in-situ methods.  Short term costs associated with this technology are relatively high, depending on the volume of soil to be excavated.  However, if complete removal of impacted soil is achieved, long term remediation and monitoring costs are significantly reduced.  Excavation is a disruptive remedy best suited for inactive sites or sites where retail operations can be temporarily suspended during excavation activities.  For excavation to be most effective, all or the majority of the contaminant plume must be accessible.