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Tank (UST) Compliance Program

Environmental regulations for regulated USTs containing petroleum products are continually being updated to better protect human health and the environment, which can be confusing and frustrating.  Stay informed and in compliance on the latest rules and requirements with our team of experienced professionals who will take the hassle out of UST regulations.  Creek Run can evaluate your tank compliance status and develop recommendations for meeting regulatory requirements at minimum cost.


The Creek Run Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance Program follows the OEPA requirements for tank compliance in Ohio (effective October 13, 2018) and the IDEM guidelines for tank compliance in Indiana (effective June 28, 2021)


Program includes:

-Monthly and annual walkthrough inspections, visually checking:

  • Spill prevention equipment for damage
  • Fill ports for obstructions
  • Fill caps for damage
  • Release detection equipment, ensuring no alarms or unusual operating conditions
  • Spill buckets and containment sumps for leaks or damages
  • Handheld release detection equipment for operability and serviceability

-Review of State/EPA documents by experienced staff to provide recommendations on upgrades and general maintenance

-Completion of UST Notification Forms

-Scheduling UST system testing (line leak detection, tank tightness, UST lining inspection, etc.)

-Maintain, store, and provide all environmental records and compliance documentation for active UST systems

-Create and maintain on-site documentation binder for the UST facility (site map, emergency contacts, equipment manuals, maintenance records, and test results)


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