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Groundwater Monitoring

Report Review and
Regulatory Status Appraisal


Most regulatory agencies require periodic sampling of groundwater monitoring well networks during site investigation and corrective action activities, usually on a quarterly basis.  Since accurate groundwater monitoring data is vital for eventually obtaining closure, every groundwater monitoring event must be conducted in a manner that ensures validity of the results.

Our highly trained staff of geologists and environmental scientists monitors active and former UST sites, AST bulk plants, and related facilities.  Monitoring activities include precise measurement of static water levels and free product thickness in wells, collection of groundwater samples for field testing and laboratory analysis, and documentation of the physical condition of monitoring wells and protective covers. 

At Creek Run, groundwater monitoring activities are conducted in accordance with requirements of the applicable regulatory program following strict quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) procedures. 

Concise, user-friendly groundwater monitoring reports prepared by Creek Run include a detailed description of sample collection and processing procedures, tabulated groundwater elevation data and laboratory analytical results, a groundwater flow map, maps depicting analytical results and the extent of impacted groundwater, laboratory reports, and field data sheets.  For active remediation sites, monitoring reports also include system operation data and the amount of contaminants recovered during the reporting period.

Creek Run field technicians conduct surveys of soil borings and groundwater monitoring wells, and these elevation measurements are utilized in numerous technical reports to depict groundwater flow and to delineate and track contamination on each site.   

A Creek Run employee in a neon yellow shirt holds up a clear cylinder container full of brown groundwater.
Creek Run employees in the office; one sits and looks at a computer while the other stands with his arms crossed.

Report Review and
Regulatory Status Appraisal

Actual and perceived environmental impacts can drastically affect the value of a property.  Therefore, environmental reports must be complete, accurate, and present a realistic interpretation of the regulatory status of the property.  A second opinion on the adequacy of technical reports and relevant regulatory issues can be invaluable to a decision maker.  Over 100 years of cumulative environmental and regulatory experience provide Creek Run geologists and scientists with an outstanding ability to evaluate the adequacy of environmental reports prepared by other consultants, identify significant data gaps and their consequences, and verify the regulatory status of impacted properties. 

Creek Run personnel routinely review a wide variety of environmental reports {Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs, Initial Site Characterizations (ISCs), Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), Remediation Work Plans (RWPs)} and prepare impartial assessments of their technical accuracy, conformity to standard report formats required by applicable regulatory entities, and likelihood of regulatory approval.

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