Creek Run responded to an emergency incident at an active gas station site in Austin, Indiana just after the new year commenced.  On January 3, 2019, Creek Run was notified of the presence of petroleum vapors within the sanitary sewer main and lift stations, as well as petroleum sheen observed in the wastewater treatment plant influent.  The Creek Run team worked diligently at the site 24/7 until the emergency was stabilized, just four short days after it was reported.  Multiple government agencies were involved with this project, including the local volunteer fire department, sewer department, Emergency Management Agency, and IDEM.

Creek Run oversaw and coordinated tasks with subcontractors to mitigate the flow of petroleum vapors and product into sanitary sewer lines.  During the four days of emergency response efforts, we monitored vapor concentrations regularly, flushed sewer lines, installed an observation well to monitor free product and water levels, excavated and removed contaminated soil, and replaced the soil with a flowable fill material.  The team was able to eliminate a preferential migration pathway swiftly and safely for petroleum product to exit the site, thereby stabilizing the emergency situation.

Remediation efforts are ongoing at this site, but the immediate threat to human health has been removed thanks to the combined and diligent efforts of all personnel involved.

Emergency Response: Swift and Stabilized

Date 01-14-2019
Category Subsurface Investigation

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