After 23 years of completing environmental projects and closing sites throughout the Midwest, Creek Run received their 250th no further action (NFA) letter!

The Creek Run team completed a Tier 1 investigation on a gas station property in Mercer County, Ohio, after petroleum contaminants were discovered in soil and groundwater samples collected during a Phase II environmental site assessment. Following completion of site investigation activities, the Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) granted unconditional site closure status for this property. Creek Run technicians continue to work on this active site by conducting monthly underground storage tank compliance inspections in an effort to mitigate a future petroleum release from the tank system.

As Creek Run’s CEO Jason Lenz often says, “in order to get 250 site closure, you have to have 250 sites first.”  Creek Run takes pride in each site closure because each closure represents an opportunity to help a client improve their property.  Which site will be closed next?