In Fall 2014, Creek Run completed the installation of a dual-phase extraction (DPE) remediation system equipped with sub-slab ventilation at a former gas station in Newberry, Indiana.  While this was not the most complex system we have installed, this project is an example of the flexibility and diversity of services Creek Run offers.

The remediation system utilized in Newberry was previously operated and maintained by Creek Run at a different petroleum impacted site.  Creek Run refurbished and retrofitted the remediation system to fit the requirements of the Newberry project.   Proper maintenance of the remediation system throughout its operational life has allowed for this system to be recycled for continued use at future sites.

This is the first project in which Creek Run installed a portion of the remediation system piping using in-house equipment and personnel.  As the installers, Creek Run was able to minimize the amount of time spent during installation as well as cut subcontractor overhead and markup costs.

The project demonstrated Creek Run’s ability to step outside the norm to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.  Creek Run is very excited about the potential for future remediation system reconditioning and in-house system installation and would love to help you on your next project.

Creek Run Installs Newberry Remediation System

Date 01-12-2015
Category Remediation System

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