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Creek Run began work on this former bulk plant facility in Greene County, Indiana, in December of 2014 after the project was acquired from a previous consultant.  Throughout the next six years, Creek Run utilized multiple investigation and remedial techniques to remove petroleum and chlorinated solvents contamination from soil and groundwater.  The multi-phase extraction (MPE) remediation system, which operated on the site for only 12 months, recovered approximately 19 pounds of vapor- and dissolved-phase hydrocarbons from the subsurface. 

Following completion of remediation and monitoring activities, IDEM approved a No Further Action (NFA) status to the LUST incident with use of an Environmental Restrictive Covenant (ERC) for groundwater and vapor intrusion exposure.  To date, Creek Run has received 100% reimbursement of Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) eligible environmental remediation costs from claims submitted by Creek Run’s claims coordinator. 


  • Excavation
  • Quarterly Monitoring 
  • Free Product Recovery
  • MPE Remediation System
  • State Reimbursement 

Site Closure Achieved With Help of MPE Remediation System

Date 07-06-2022
Category Excavation
Remediation System
State Reimbursement

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