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Creek Run began work at this active gas station facility in Marshall County, Indiana, in 2011 following discovery of petroleum contamination during a UST closure.  From 2011 through 2021, Creek Run conducted investigation and remediation activities to remove petroleum contamination from groundwater and two separate saturated zones of soil.  The multi-phase extraction (MPE) remediation system, which operated on the site for three years, recovered approximately 111 pounds of vapor-phase hydrocarbons from the subsurface and treated approximately 1.56 million gallons of petroleum-impacted groundwater. 

Creek Run personnel and their subcontractors were able to complete all site activities, including trenching and installing groundwater wells around fuel dispenser islands, while gas station operations continued.  Following completion of remediation and monitoring activities, IDEM approved a No Further Action (NFA) status to the incident with use of an Environmental Restrictive Covenant (ERC) for soil and groundwater exposure.  To date, Creek Run has received 98% reimbursement of Excess Liability Trust Fund (ELTF) eligible environmental remediation costs from claims submitted by Creek Run’s claims coordinator. 


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Remediating Petroleum Contamination at an Active Gas Station

Date 10-14-2022
Category Remediation System
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