Three men stand in a trench about waist-deep with pipes at their feet.

In Fall 2015 and Spring 2016, Creek Run completed the installation of a Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)/Air Sparge (AS) with Groundwater Pump & Treat (P&T) remediation system at a former gas station in New Albany, Indiana.  The soil and groundwater petroleum plumes extended approximately 300 feet off-site towards a residential and light commercial area.  The system installation included the installation of 16 SVE wells, 26 deviated AS wells, one vertical AS well, two groundwater recovery wells, and approximately 3,500 linear feet of underground piping at the site, 3rd party property, and city alleyway.  This was a complex system installation which required site tenant, off-site property owner, and city official cooperation to complete well and piping installation efficiently and effectively.  This project is an example of the flexibility and ability to develop relationships that Creek Run provides to complete complex projects effectively.

The remediation system utilized in New Albany was constructed by Creek Run.  Creek Run refurbished and retrofitted the equipment, utilizing some used components, to fit the requirements of the New Albany project.   Proper maintenance of the remediation systems throughout their operational lives has allowed for the reutilization of remedial equipment at future sites, providing a more feasible and cost-effective approach.

Two men direct a machine into an access panel in the ground.


This is the first project in which Creek Run installed all the remediation system piping using in-house equipment and personnel.  As the installers, Creek Run was able to minimize the amount of time spent during installation as well as cut subcontractor overhead and markup costs.

The project demonstrated Creek Run’s willingness to develop and implement plans which provide cost-effective solutions to our clients.  Creek Run is very excited about the potential for future remediation system reconditioning and in-house system installation and would love to help you on your next project.

Creek Run Installs Remediation System in New Albany, Indiana

Date 04-27-2016
Category Remediation System

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