When Jay Ricker of Ricker Oil Company (Ricker) purchased undeveloped land in Carmel, Indiana with the intent to construct a new gasoline station and convenience store, he had no idea the challenges that would lie ahead of him.  Although the property was zoned for a convenience store by the City of Carmel, there was unprecedented opposition to development because the property is located near the five-year time of travel (TOT) Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) of the City of Carmel municipal water supply system and within the one year TOT for the local water company.

Ricker hired Creek Run Environmental Engineering (Creek Run) to engineer a fueling system design and provide environmental consulting services for project approval.  Creek Run prepared a comprehensive UST Conceptual Design, Wellhead Protection and Storm Water Management Plan outlining UST system design, installation, leak detection, spill prevention and overfill protection.  The plan also provided a hydrogeologic assessment of the site vicinity, stormwater treatment and management, routine station operation and maintenance, contingency planning, and emergency response planning.  In general, the Ricker plan went above and beyond State and Federal regulations for spill prevention and response mechanisms to address safety, human health, and environmental impact concerns.



The project was presented to the City of Carmel’s Technical Advisory Committee on June 19, 2013, for review and comments.  The project was then referred to a Special Studies Committee of the Carmel Plan Commission for further technical review and comments.  Based on the comments from the Commission, Creek Run revised the plan to include the addition of a geosynthetic liner for tertiary containment of USTs and many other monitoring/safety controls.  Creek Run also submitted a more thorough Groundwater Protection Plan & Emergency Response Plan outlining a plan of action in the event of product release to the environment. The plan was approved by the City of Carmel Plan Commission on November 5, 2013.

The facility, when completed, will add to Ricker’s current fleet of 50 gasoline stations and convenience stores across Indiana.  The Carmel station will be unique in design, architectural landscaping, construction, safety, and environmental protection.  It will be a state-of-the-art facility with numerous controls and safety mechanisms built into the UST system to detect, prevent, and respond to any leaks or spills promptly.  The Carmel station will also provide the residents in the neighborhood with a much-needed convenience store that is currently unavailable.

Proposed Gasoline Station & Convenience Store in Carmel, In

Date 05-19-2014
Category Tank System Design
Tank Management

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