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In July and August of 2021, Creek Run worked in conjunction with multiple contractors on a gas station property in Kosciusko County, Indiana, to install a massive 24,000-gallon underground storage tank (UST) in an area with an elevated groundwater table.  The client’s overall goal was to update an existing gas station facility by upgrading the UST system, removing outdated USTs, and moving into a new C-store on the adjacent property.  Our team completed the permitting and de-watering activities while still allowing the store to continue normal operations. 


  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Waste Characterization
  • NPDES Permitting 
  • De-Watering and Treating Groundwater Utilizing Remediation Systems

UST Installation - What About De-Water?

Date 11-12-2021
Category Tank Management
Remediation System

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